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Zaguta Wholesale

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Zaguta Wholesale

Zaguta is one of the fastest-moving glutathione available. This is because Zaguta is an effective skin whitening product.

What can Zaguta do?
  • anti-aging
  • skin whitening
  • Improve body immune system
  • Skin firming & lifting
  • Repair damaged skin cells Anti melasma
  • Smoothing rough skin
  • Reduce acne/pimples
  • Minimize pores
  • Healing of scar
  • Stimulate Collagen
  • Detoxification
Each box of Zaguta contains:
6 vials Glutathione Powder
6 ampoules Vitamin Complex
6 ampoules Amino Acid

Zaguta Contents:
Glutathione: 600000mg
Vitamin A: 20mcg
Vitamin E: 0.65mg
Vitamin C: 1250mg
Vitamin D: 600i IU
Vitamin B Complex: 200mg
Vitamin K, K1, K2: 500mg
6 ampoules AMINO ACIDS (10ml)
Alaine: 750mcg
Argine: 500mg
Asparagibe: 200IU
Cysteine: 900mg
Glutamine: 800mg
Glutamic Acids : 500mg
Glycine: 250mg
Histidine: 100mg
Isoleucine - 50mg
Lysine: 2.5mcg
Proline: 2.5mcg
Serine: 750mg
Threonine: 500mg
Vaine: 500mg

We can also ship internationally. Orders outside the Philippines are welcome.

Zaguta Wholesale

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