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Glutanex Drip IV Wholesale

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Glutanex Drip IV Wholesale

Glutanex Drip IV is one of the most bought glutathione product in the world. It has powerful ingredients that made it one of the world's most use glutathione drip.

Here are the ingredients of Glutanex Drip:
  • Glutanex - Glutathione 1200mg
  • Lipotocin - Thioctic Acid 300mg 
  • Asconex - Vitamin C 10g
With these powerful and premium quality ingredients, Glutanex Drip gives you 10x faster result compare to other beauty drip.

Why Glutanex Drip?
  • High glutathione of premium quality. Glutathione is an antioxidant that cleanses ones body inside and out. Glutathione prevents cell damage from free radicals, heavy metals, lipid peroxide and peroxides.
  • Thioctic Acid is one strong antioxidant that can help lower the liver enzymes level.
  • Vitamin C help boost immune system, prevent iron deficiency, lower the risk of having chronic diseases and a lot more.
If you need Glutanex Drip in wholesale, we're here for you. We can ship glutathione packages internationally.

Glutanex Drip Wholesale Supplier

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